Specialties of Sakthi Agri Clinic

We are the team of Best researchers, Directed by Ag. P. Balasubramanian who is experienced in various spices, Energy Crops and Oil seeds. He has developed many Agronomy technologies and Microbiology approaches for Oil seeds, Agroforesty crops & Energy crops. He has appreciated by His Excellency Dr APJ Abdhul Kalam Former President of India. He collected good chartered Germplasm of Acacia mangium, A Auriculiformis, Tamarind, Amla, Coffee, Pepper, Jatropha, Pongamia, Bamboo.

Technologies Available with Sakthi Agri Clinic

  • Jatropha Germplasm collection 285 eco types – Superior Germplasm 85 fruits / Cyme
  • Identified a specific microorganism for Detoxification of De oiled Jatropha cake through Probiotic way
  • Standardized Seed storage moisture and seed quality standards of Jatropha
  • Fumigation treatment standardization for Pest and Diseases for all kinds of Bio energy crops
  • Microbial technology to obtain 90 % Germination by fumigated oil seeds
  • Microbial technology to obtain more than 90 % Germination hard seed coat and hydrophobic seeds.
  • Microbial technology to protect the seeds from damping off
  • Micronutrient fortification technology to increase drought tolerant & Leaf area for Rain fed cultivation
  • Egg parasitoids Identification and culturing for Biological control methods for Scuttalarid bugs of Jatropha curcas
  • Organic pest repellent mix to control Mites & Thrips in Jatropha curcas
  • Organic Pest repellent for Mite control
  • Fast bio gas production methods by using Jatropha Cake & Pyrolysis oil from Jatropha cake
  • Reported about the Micronutrient involvement for Oil production and Oil Quality
  • Attended in many feasibility studies about Food crop based Energy crops cultivation Project
  • Microbial boost manure to control the soil borne pathogens of various crops. It has good result in rot dieses control of vanilla , Pepper, Jatropha Macrophomina rot of Jatropha
  • Vermi Compost production by Fruit shells by Jatropha fruits and it has been evaluated by green house cultivation of Hybrid Roses in Bangalore area
  • Drought resistant Jatropha spp for Inter specific hybridization
  • Jojoba cultivation technology
  • Developed more than 10 million plants of Teak, Tamarind, Sapota, Amla, Mango, and all Spices.
  • Microbial technology to enhance the Aroma of Coffee.
  • compound Microbial mix for N.P.Z, Sl,S,Fe Nutrient soluble
  • Aurbuscular mychorhizza.mass production
  • Stevia cultivation.
  • Green house cultivation of Carnations.
  • Foliar application of Nutrient technology goes get a best yield in Groundnut.
  • Microbial technology to control Xanthomonas infection of Capsicum and Turmeric
  • Microbial technology to obtain best yield and Plant protection of Turmeric, Potato, Sugar beet, and Elephant foot yam.
  • Achieved 140 Mt sugarcane/ hec by Drip irrigation in sugarcane. Fertigation schedule has highly appreciated by Sakthi sugars
  • Pruning technology to induce flowering in Brinjal
  • Integrated Nutrient management technology (Foliar spray) in Pearl Millet.
  • Micronutrient fortification technology to induce seed size and weight of Finger Mil..
  • Coffee Germplasm which is suitable for Plain cultivation under the coconut.
  • Culture Micro algae to sequestrate Green house gas from Thermal power Industries
Specialties of Sakthi Agri Clinic

P. Balasubramanian

Chief Scientific officer Sakthi Agri Clinic

High yielding Germplasm of Sakthi Agri Businesses

High yielding Germplasm of Sakthi Agri Businesses
High yielding Germplasm of Sakthi Agri Businesses
High yielding Germplasm of Sakthi Agri Businesses
High yielding Germplasm of Sakthi Agri Businesses

List of our Clients for SAC

  • PSG college Farms Sangagiri Salem
  • Sivaraj Farms Sangagiri
  • United Insitute of Technology Farms Coimbatore
  • Devarajan Farms Udumalpet
  • Prakash Farms Pollachi
  • Jeyaram Group of Companies in Rajapalayam
  • Friendly greens Coimbatore
  • Kadhirvel Farms Coimbatore
  • A1 Chips and snacks Industries
  • Dhivya Garments Farm Rajapalayam
  • Classic International Farms Kangeyam
  • Gogulakrishnan Farms Kancjipuram
  • Global farming projects Madurai
  • Srinivasa Gayathiri Resources recovery Ltd
  • Navasanjeevan Enterprises Aurangabad

Clients in Abroad

  • Clenergen Corporation in UK
  • Al Sulthan Plantations in Saudi Arabia
  • Cube Palm companies in Malaysia
  • Combodian Farms in Combodia
  • Betania Biotech in Spain


Team of Excellence

Major Verities of Fruit crops Propagate in SAB Nursery

S/No Name of the Crop Verities season Papulation/Ha Yield/ Ha/ A Papulation of production
1 Mango All varieties Jul- Dec 205 10 mt 2500 /each var
2 Cashew nut All Varieties Jun- Dec 156
3 Amla Krishna
Jul- Aug 275 100 kg/tree 5000/each var
4 Banana G9, Chips var May- Jun 3100 100 mt 20000
5 Jack Local pure line Jun- Dec 156 40 mt 10000
6 Coconut VPK 1
Malayan orange
May- Jun 200 200 to 350 3000 nos/ each var
7 Arecanut V1,
May- Jun 3100 (M) 1455 kg 5000 nos/ each var
8 Teak Indigenous May- Jun 2000 25 cft/ tree 24000
9 Anthecepalus Indigenous May-Jun 2500 20 cft/ tree 30000
10 Rose wood Indigenous May- Jun 2000 25CFT 15000
11 Red sandal Indigenous May- Jun 2000 25CFT 15000

Name of the crop and selection Place

S/No Name of The Crop Selection Areas
1 Coconut , Arecanut, Jack Coconut Development Board & Kerala
2 Mango, Sapota, Amla Periakulam
3 Banana Bangalore( Imported from Isrel)
4 Teak IFGTB, State forest seed range ( Coimbatore)
5 Anthecepalus, Rosewood, Red sandal, silver oak KFRI, Karnataka forest dept